The 3rd IRB PhD Student Symposium will encompass those homeostatic and aberrant procedures which take place during the development and ageing of organisms, from both chemical and biological viewpoints and from the molecular level up to the entire organisms. The two days of the symposium will be filled with lectures given by outstanding speakers and short talks by elected applicants. The program will also include a round table with the speakers and poster sessions, where young researchers are encouraged to present and discuss their research.

Thursday November 14
Session I. Living longer and better  
08:30 Registration starts.  
Opening lecture by Joan Guinovart (director of IRB Barcelona).
Andrew D. Hamilton
Targeting protein surfaces using designed proteomimetics.
10:05 Shaimaa El Jaafary
Neurology of aging. A clinical point of view.
10:30 Coffee break and poster session A  
11:00 The EMBO lecture - Carlos López Otín
The hallmarks of aging: lessons from progeria.

11:50 Michiel Pot
Construction of collagen scaffolds with specific pore architectures for cartilage and bladder regeneration.
12:15 Oscar Fernández-Capetillo
Exploring the role of replicative stress in cancer and ageing.
13:05 Lunch.  
14:30 Poster session A
Session II. Which are the factors that drive growth and aging?
Bill Keyes
New insights into skin stem cell aging and cancer.
16:20 Elena López Guadamillas
Beneficial effects on health and longevity of low PI3K activity.
16:45 Coffee break and poster session A  
17:30 Ismael Fernández-Hernández
Adult neurogenesis and brain regeneration in Drosophila.
17:55 Sara Annika Wickström
Cell-matrix interactions in skin homeostasis and regeneration.
18.45 End of session.
20:30 Social event: Tapas with the speakers  

Friday November 15
Session III. Does life have a limit? Insights into lifespan
09:15 João Pedro de Magalhães
Building haystacks and finding needles in the genomics of ageing.
10:05 Madalena Carneiro
Ageing as a consequence of telomere shortening in zebrafish.
10:30 Coffee break and poster session B  
11:10 Coleen T. Murphy
Slowing the Ticking Clock: Using C. elegans to understand human age-related decline.
12:00 Eva Majerová
Epigenetic regulation of telomeres, guardians of genome stability, in plants.
12:25 Laia Morató
The role of SIRT-1 in the physiopathology of X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy.
12:50 Lunch  
14:10 Poster session B  
Session IV. Consequences of aging: degeneration  
15:10 Tuomas Knowles
Biophysical insights into protein aggregation.
16:00 Bernat Serra-Vidal
Structure-toxicity relationships in the aggregation of Aβ.
16:25 Coffee break and poster session B
17:10 John Hardy
Genetic analysis of neurodegeneration: the end game.
18:00 Round table  
19:15 Closing remarks and awards  
19:30 End of symposium
22:00 Social event: Closure party