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......@@ -14,16 +14,24 @@ Instructions for Unix systems
install.packages(c("bio3d", "circlize", "jsonlite", "plot3D", "MASS", "RColorBrewer", "RANN"))
2- Download veriNA3d from GitLab. It will download a compressed .zip file with two versions of the package:
2- Download veriNA3d from GitLab ("").
The zip file contains two equivalent versions of the package:
A- veriNA3d_R-3.5.tar.gz
B- veriNA3d_R-3.4.tar.gz
Option A is the recommended one, since it dramatically speeds up the cifParser function. However, Option B offers the package for R >= 3.4, since R-3.5 might be difficult to install for some unix users.
The whole package has been developed and tested in R-3.5, which makes it the recommended option. Furthermore, using R-3.5 speeds up the cifParser function, which has a dramatic effect when working with large mmCIF files.
3- Unzip the file and copy-paste the desired version of the package in your working directory.
3- Open R and run:
4- Open R and run:
install.packages(veriNA3d_R-3.5.tar.gz, repos = NULL, type="source")
install.packages("veriNA3d_R-3.5.tar.gz", repos = NULL, type="source")
5- If desired, remove the unnecessary .tar.gz files and the .zip file.
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