About this website

Welcome to the landing page of the ABCix project, the latest effort (2021) of the Ascona B-DNA (ABC) consortium. The study is focused on the systematic characterization of the physical properties of all 2080 unique hexanucleotides, from a collection of 950, 10μs-long MD simulations.

The vast simulation effort will allow the exploration of long-term dynamics of solvated duplexes to define potential frustration effects in DNA, sequence-dependent solvent and ion atmosphere, correlation and signal transfer effects, which could not be explored in previous calculations focussed in much shorter elements.

The current ABC consortium is formed by thirteen groups (the most visible ones) from Europe and US.

EPFL Lausanne - John Maddocks

Kaunas University of Technology - Daiva Petkevičiūtė-Gerlach

Gdańsk University of Technology - Jacek Czub

IRB Barcelona - Modesto Orozco, Juan Pablo Arcón, Federica Battistini, Adam Hospital, Genís Bayarri

Jülich Supercomputing Center - Paolo Carloni

Louisiana Tech University - Thomas Bishop

University of Cambridge - Rosana Collepardo

University of Florida - Alberto Perez

University of Leeds - Sarah Harris

University of Nottingham - Charles Laughton

University of the Republic of Uruguay - Pablo Dans, Gabriela da Rosa

University of Utah - Thomas Cheatham, Rodrigo Galindo

University of York - Agnes Noy

University Paris Saclay - Marco Pasi