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A multi-modal coarse grained model of DNA flexibility mappable to the atomistic level, Walther, Jurgen, Dans Pablo D., Balaceanu Alexandra, Hospital Adam, Bayarri Genis, and Orozco Modesto , Nucleic Acids Research, 01/2020, (2020)
Differential stability of 2’F-ANA*RNA and ANA*RNA hybrid duplexes: roles of structure, pseudohydrogen bonding, hydration, ion uptake and flexibility., Watts, Jonathan K., Martín-Pintado Nerea, Gómez-Pinto Irene, Schwartzentruber Jeremy, Portella Guillem, Orozco Modesto, González Carlos, and Damha Masad J. , Nucleic Acids Res, 2010 Apr, Volume 38, p.2498-511, (2010)
Molywood: streamlining the design and rendering of molecular movies, Wieczór, Miłosz, Hospital Adam, Bayarri Genis, Czub Jacek, and Orozco Modesto , Bioinformatics, 06/2020, (2020)
Pre-exascale HPC approaches for molecular dynamics simulations. Covid-19 research: A use case, Wieczór, Miłosz, Genna Vito, Aranda Juan, Badia Rosa M., Gelpí Josep Lluis, Gapsys Vytautas, de Groot Bert L., Lindahl Erik, Municoy Martí, Hospital Adam, et al. , WIREs Computational Molecular Science, 05/2022, Volume In Press, p.e1622, (2022)
Omicron mutations increase interdomain interactions and reduce epitope exposure in the SARS-CoV-2 spike, Wieczór, Miłosz, Tang Phu K., Orozco Modesto, and Cossio Pilar , iScience, 02/2023, Volume 26, Issue 2, p.105981, (2023)
Interoperability with Moby 1.0–it’s better than sharing your toothbrush!, Wilkinson, Mark D., Senger Martin, Kawas Edward, Bruskiewich Richard, Gouzy Jerome, Noirot Celine, Bardou Philippe, Ng Ambrose, Haase Dirk, Saiz Enrique de Andres, et al. , Brief Bioinform, 2008 May, Volume 9, p.220-31, (2008)