BIGNASim database structure and analysis portal for nucleic acids simulation data

Examples of use

BIGNASim has been designed in a way that advanced data analysis can be performed straightforwardly, even for types of analysis that were not known at the time of the design. The following cases show some representative examples of the possibilities of data manipulation. Most of the examples can be done within the portal, and are already available as tutorials in BIGNASim web site. The power of the BIGNASim is to store raw data in structures that allow an easy recovery and combination, either from the analysis or from the trajectory databases. Simple scripts can be used to query the databases and obtain the required analyses. Scripts examples shown here are written in Javascript, the natural language for MongoDB, but most popular scripting languages can be also used. Additional information can be found at BIGNASim help site

Example 1. Obtaining information about the Drew-Dickerson dodecamer

Example 2. Visualitzation of globals analysis based in xCGy fragments

Example 3. Retrieval, and downloading of xCGy Meta-trajectories

Example 4. Analysis using fragments hierarchy. Correlation between CpG twist and ΞΆ torsions.

Example 5. Combining Experimental and MD analysis